Dead jealous. (first blog post)


My first website review is finally here! I’ve had an instagram account for 14 weeks now, and wanted to make something more involved with people, so they can see my reviews.

so the first book i’m reviewing is dead jealous, which is written by Sharon Jones. The genre is thriller & mystery. I first came across this book as eBook sample, and as soon as i read the first few chapters, I had to order a physical copy.

The book is about a girl poppy Sinclair, who is on holiday with her mum and step dad, and a murder is committed, the victim been someone who poppy was talking to the night before, poppy believes she can find out who killed her, so she creates her own investigation, along with finding out things about herself.

I absolutely  loved this book, I found that how the story unraveled was so gripping, I couldn’t keep the book down! Sharon did a brilliant job, of keeping a open mind to who the killer could be and that 

“everything is not as it seems”

I was so glad when I knew it was going to be a series, and the following book would be called, dead silent. I’d proudly and confidently recommend this book to everyone reading this, and i’m sure you’ll love it as much as me.

I’d rate this book a strong 4 stars with no regrets.

happy reading


8 thoughts on “Dead jealous. (first blog post)

  1. Sounds like a book for me. I love reading as well, but I never know what to read next. To much to choose from :). Reading you reviews helps to pick my next book. I’m reading the maze runner series at the moment.


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