Before I go to sleep: review

Before I go to sleep is a thriller mystery, written by S. J. Watson. A woman called Christine lucas, loses her memory’s due to an ‘accident’ and every time she goes to sleep, her memories vanish. A doctor is helping her to regain all he memories and help her find out, what the accident was.

If you haven’t read this book skip this bold part. (Contains spoilers)

It comes to light that something is suspicions about her husband ben.

Christines journal helps her, come to terms with everything, and eventually things take a turn for the worse and ‘ben’ isn’t actually who he says he is.


This book didn’t fail to entertain me! I loved the construction and how the twist at the end made it clear, what actually happened to Christine. The mystery behind the book is what gave it, it’s brilliance.

I’d rate this book a 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟  4 gold stars. And again recommend this book to you.

I didn’t like the film as much,because a few bits were changed, and I found the film, abit boring. So I’d rate the film ⭐⭐⭐ 3 silver stars, And advise you to pick up the book before the film.

3.8/5 goodreads review
Avaliable on amazon

happy reading.


21 thoughts on “Before I go to sleep: review

  1. I enjoyed your review because it got to the salient points and it was brief. So many reviews go on and on. This blog is needed and I have it saved to my tool bar. Keep up the good work. Right now, I’m reading Dragnet Nation by Julia Angwin. I try to read a lot of nonfiction so I have some background for the fiction I create. This book tells the dark side of data collection. Anyway, thanks and stay in touch-Bob

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  2. Hey, I read the book ages ago and I thought it was really good. You’re completely right about the twist and construction. I thought it was really well written, I’m almost worried to read the book in case it ruins it, you know? Anyway, I saw that you liked my post and thought I’d check out your blog, it’s pretty cool!

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  3. I did not read the book but I did see the movie. In spite of a big star cast, the movie was a bit of a drag and there were certain holes in the flow of things. I think I should buy the book to understand the story better. The biggest doubt is, what caused her to do it and secondly what went wrong with the marriage. Couldn’t figure it out in the movie!


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