A dream of death: review


A dream of death is a mixture of suspense, mystery & crime, thriller. Written by Harrison Drake, a Canadian writer.

A dream of death follows a man called Detective Lincoln Munroe. He begins having strange dreams, of him digging up skeleton remains in the forest beneth a bloody knife. These dreams to him personally feel real, therefore really effect him.
Spoiler skip bold section.

Eventually his dreams come true and Lincoln is called to Algonquin Park to assist on a case to excavate skeleton remains, that were put their 25 years prior. Lincoln recognised the place, because 25 years prior he was at the same place when a man tried to kidnap him, when Lincolns dad came and killed the man (by accident).

This book was a quick and fun read, the story is kind of given away at the beginning and you guess the plot, but even though you know the plot, things still shock you or take you by surprise.

I enjoyed the whole aspect of the book and would read more of Harrison Drakes work.

I rate this book ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 silver stars.

Happy reading.


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