Crappy book candles.


Got these Lemon candles to put on when I’m reading at night, and they are terrible. 😭 The wick burns then falls into the wax and they are scent less. 😐 yankee candles next time I think.


14 thoughts on “Crappy book candles.

  1. You must have good eyesight to read by the light of that candle. I’m one of those who when they start reading nothing disturbs them. My partner tells me the world could end and I’d never notice it with my nose that deep in the book. Mind you I now make use of a Kindle and small reading light so I do not disturb her πŸ™‚


  2. Always always Yankee candles! They’re my favourite and for some reason I trust them not to set things on fire more than I do other candles… it makes no sense, I know.


  3. Thanks for liking my page. I don’t read much but we can follow some posts about books turned movies and I am sure give great feedback and point of view. I have just started my blog and it will continue to grow, please continue to follow and share.

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  4. It’s totally not advisable for the eye health to read at candlelight, or at night, if you don’t have proper light. I’m glass bearer myself, so I know what I’m saying. Natural daylight is the best for reading. Or a big fine light bulb πŸ™‚


  5. I think the long tapered candles are the best for reading and writing. I used to have candle sconces and lanterns everywhere in my room and I’d light them all when I read or wrote. Good luck finding a better candle. Get the wood wicks. They make a nice crackling sound like a fireplace too.

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