So, this year I am taking part in the 2015 reading challenge!!!


I never really commit to anything that’s a yearly event,but I think it will be beneficial to read some books and review them, alot more frequently.

I hope most of you are joining in, and keep checking in to see how I’m doing.

Happy reading.

Have a look at my instagram and Twiter. Links in contacts.

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12 thoughts on “2015 READING CHALLENGE📚

  1. I’ll follow you and then can see how you are getting on. I too will keep posting how I get on with my garden maintenance jobs, stick behind the door sort of thing 🙂


  2. Love your idea of how to choose what to read next. Instead of trying to read 50 books this year I’m trying to cull 50 books from my collection. If I start it and don’t read it it’s gone. Fed up reading books I don’t like purely to hit a target.

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      1. If I dont part with some I might have to reinforce my floor. I find it easier now than I used to. I figure if I dont like a book or if I know I wont read a book it’s better going to a charity shop where someone might enjoy it and it can raise some funds for a good cause rather than sitting around gathering dust. I don’t get rid of books I’ve read and enjoyed though because I do re-read.


      2. Yeah that’s good!and I’ve attempted to re read,but always move onto another book, I’m useless haha! My book shelfs full at the moment so my wardrobes harbouring my books, need a new one asap


      3. I have books I need to reread to be able to read the next one in the series because I’ve forgotten what happened in the first book. Either that or I need to find somewhere online that I can read the overview so I don’t need to reread the whole book.

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