Ebooks or Paperback?


Which suits you the best?


I’ve always had books, ever since I was little, but about a year ago I bought one book every blue moon. Eventually, I found Ebooks and began reading so many, in the space of a month I read 9 Ebooks.

Then around 3/4 month ago, I got hit with the book buying bug, and it just wont stop. Personally I like paperbacks, because to me, nothing is better than holding a real book in my hands, and taking time away from technology.
But then again EBooks come in handy for a break from paperbacks.

Lets do this like a review. Id rate paperbacks 🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐ 4 gold stars and 1 silver.
Ebooks ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 silver stars.
If you’re unsure of my star rating, check out my other reviews and social media and you’ll get the idea.

Happy reading

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30 thoughts on “Ebooks or Paperback?

  1. Definitely paperbacks. Call me old fashioned, but I still love reading on actual paper. I have a kindle and I do read on the kindle app as well, but nothing beats the feel of a paper book. It’s so much easier to shop on kindle and now there are so many more titles available, but I still find myself wandering into bookshops and walking out with a bag in my hand. 🙂

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  2. I have both a Kindle, and a wall full of books, and I use the library lots too, I would definitely say that holding a book in your hands is the best, and I love the look of them.

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  3. Proper paper books all the way, particularly if they’re hardcover 🙂 oh and don’t forget audio, I love an audiobook, the ultimate in lazy entertainment


  4. I am definitely a paperbacks person all the way! I have tried both ebooks and audiobooks, but for some reason I just can’t get into them the same way. I love the feeling and smell of a book and I love seeing them stacked on my shelves. They just make me feel so at home. I know lots of people of have completely switched over to ebooks, but my Nook sits on my bookshelf untouched.


  5. Haven’t got a kindle or equivalent. Your point about escaping tech for a little laid back reading resonates. I like my tech but I love my books. It’s an “Are you sitting comfortably?” moment with feet up, a fine book and a glass of wine, if that’s your pref. Yep, books with a touch of hardback as a little treat. Best wishes.

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  6. I truly need to find more time to read. I really do. I envy people like you who can just switch off and get stuck into a book. Do you ever read self help books? I find them quite intriguing. Brilliant blog

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  7. I love the kindle for travel to foreign language countries, but reading a paperback is unbeatable in my opinion. I read an article recently about the sales of ebooks dropping for the first time since they took off – it doesn’t surprise me.
    A friend of mine argued that Vinyl records (you wouldn’t remember these! :-)) have become collectable items, but they will never replace CDs, and she believes ebooks are the CD of the reading world. I pointed out that most of us have no longer have a record player, so vinyl records are useless to us, but with books it’s the opposite. All we need to read a paperback is our arms, hands, and eyes, and most of us are lucky enough to come equipped with those. I believe paperbacks will rise in popularity once again, perhaps to level off with ebook sales eventually.

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    1. I do think that books are becoming more popualr, especially with online buying and deliver! It’s easy access now, rather than having to travel to your local library or book store, but then again, getting a Ebook isn’t much more difficult.


      1. Getting an ebook is almost too simple – there’s no wait – and they are far less expensive. I’m sure both those factors contribute largely to their popularity.


  8. Two years ago I would have said “paperbacks all the way” but I started reading large, heavy non-fiction books and they became too heavy and bulky for my morning and evening commute. The iPad weighs the same for one book as for a dozen books. Still have several hundred paperbacks and still can’t leave a second-hand bookstore empty-handed but the e-books do serve a purpose.

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  9. The essence of holding a real book is far greater than e-books…i ,personally feel too.. Technology have its requirements for any pleasure….while a real thing comes handy,flexible..
    Good job bro

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  10. Hi!

    I am one of those people that votes for both.
    I love a paperback, but I am always traveling, and if I bring 9 books with me then I won’t be able to bring anything else! So, I vote for paperbacks when I am at home, holding a glass of wine. And I vote for ebooks when I am on the airplane or on the bus and can’t hold more than a purse and a handbag in my hands. How is that?

    p.s. thank you for liking my post

    xo, LittleShadow

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