Malakai review.


I’ve read nearly the full series of these books! And I don’t intend to stop anytime soon. Every book by Michele Hauf is written fantastically, and never fails to impress.

The twists and outcomes keep you reeling and on edge the whole way through!

Spoiler section skip bold part:
After “Her vampire husband” and the repercussions on that story, it’s only fair to make malakai fall in love with a “fairy” and drain the life of him! Facing the witches that made the curse, malakai fights blood and sweat to be able to be with the girl he loves! And he succeeds.

I’d give this book 4 gold stars, because I just love the book so much! And can’t wait to finish the whole series!!
Please go out and check this out on amazon! It’s a budget buy and 100% worth it! Also go check Her vampire husband. My favourite of all time!

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