The suspect complete review.

I was sent “The suspect complete by Kevin Morris for a truthful and honest review, which as always will be given.

This collection of short stories brought out mixed feelings and thoughts, first off I loved “The suspect” singular, the end was unexpected to me and was very fun to read, it’s also always a genre I’m interested in. The short story I wasn’t too sure about was “The Condemned Man” I didn’t seem to understand the ending.

“The database” was really fun for me because I’m studying law and a lot on the content was linked to law and it’s semantics, As I started working through towards the last few stories I picked up on young writing for some reason (age wise) a lot was informal and quite fun because being young myself I could relate. Another thing I picked up on was someone who was studying psychology or sociology with terms used, and found it very interesting seeing them put into content.

“Shoes” I also loved because it reminded me of maniac the film,

I’d rate the whole collection 4 stars ⭐️❄️⭐️❄️, 2 silver and 2 gold! This collection has definitely restored my faith in short stories, and made me more appreciative of them. I would also read more of Kevin’s work!

Thanks for the short stories Kevin, I really enjoyed them-!

Happy reading

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    A 4 star review of my collection of short stories, “The Suspect And Other Tales” by Inspired By A Book. Many thanks to the reviewer for taking the time to read and review “The Suspect”, I very much appreciate it. To read “The Suspect And Other Tales” by K Morris please go to the Amazon Kindle Store.


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