Geralds game: Review


Geralds Game is a mystery/thriller. Written by Stephen King in (1992)

The story is based on a girl called jesse who ends up in trouble, when her husband takes her to a weekend retreat.

Jesse is with her husband handcuffed to a bed, and her husband tries to take advantage of her, so she reacts and kicks him ‘where it hurts’, resulting in her killing him. This take the worse turn, and she’s in a fight for survival.

I didn’t like this book one little bit, I went in with high expectations and came out with extreemly low expectations. I couldn’t find the will to finish the book, this was because Stephen spent a whole 14 pages with jesse trying to get a glass of water, which wasn’t neaded, the story would have been alot better if less pre-modification was used. I didn’t find the attraction, and don’t intend to pick it up again in the future.

I’m giving this 1 silver star ⭐, As I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone who asks, because I found it too un-enjoyable.

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9 thoughts on “Geralds game: Review

  1. Oh the old Mr.King could be so wordy!!! And even as a fan I would want to throttle him for the ad nauseum description…i have a life! I read this in 92 ir 93 but i do remember liking it very much. What sticks out in my head is the scene with the rat….oh it just freaked me out!

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      1. That may have been too descriptive as well. I remember giving the book to a friend who hated it too. I think I will re-read it because all I can remember was her sadistic husband and how horrible I felt for her in that situation. I can’t remember how it ended.

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  2. I never used to like King either. It wasn’t until late last year I picked up “Pet Sematary” and actually liked that one. I’m currently reading “Revival,” his latest novel. So far, it’s decent.

    King really can get wordy. Funny thing is that I picked this up with the intentions of reading it soon. But after seeing how several didn’t think it was good, I’m beginning to feel a bit skeptical now…

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    1. To be completely honest,I’d give it a go just to see what you think. I can’t promise fireworks, but everyone prefers different things. You’ve got to be committed to it,put it that way.


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