Gillian Flynn: Box Set (short post)

Ahh!! Finally got all 3 books by Gillian Flynn! Which consists of:
⚫ Gone girl
⚫ Sharp objects
⚫ Dark places

I’m sooo excited to read them, but I’m currently stuggling with “shall I” “shan’t I”. Once I’ve read them that’s it. They’re read, and I probably wont read them again.

Does anyone else do this? Or is it just me being weird?

Happy reading.

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22 thoughts on “Gillian Flynn: Box Set (short post)

  1. There are certain books I can read over and over again Wuthering Heights and the Sherlock Holmes stories among them. Other books, one read is sufficient. The latter tend to be those which have left no impression on me (if a book inspires or interests me then I will re-read it). Kevin

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