WE GO AGAIN: review

We Go Again

I was sent WE GO AGAIN by Michael Cargill to read and review!

WE GO AGAIN is a History/World war II  Book, which mainly follows the protagonist james and a handful of his co-workers, As they find themselves in france during the war, after the horrors of D-DAY.

Firstly this is the first book I’ve ever read of this genre, and I found it fantastic! The simplistic-ness is what makes this story something special. It’s short, but cram full, of true facts and experiences many people would have gone through in that traumatic time.

I’d give this book 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟  4 gold stars, as I 100% believe it deserves them + a s**t ton more recognition! As an independent author Michael has done so well! And my excitement for this book to become big is beyond belief!

So please, please go check this book out and let me know what you think & Michael because im sure he would love to hear!

Also if you purchase this book, please let me know in the comments so I know I’ve done my job, which is getting this book noticed for the right reasons.

Goodreads link: We Go Again
Amazon link: We go again

Michael’s Twitter @MichaelCargill
Also please go check his blog!
Michael’s website

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3 thoughts on “WE GO AGAIN: review

  1. Good Lord. I’ve currently got a cold that’s giving me something of a hammering at the moment, but your review has managed to put a smile on my face for the first time in a couple of days.

    It’s interesting to hear that my book is the first WWII story you’ve read. I’m a bit of a WWII nut so if I’ve managed to generate some interest in the subject then that’s brill.

    Thanks for the review and thanks for reading; that you enjoyed my work is fantastic to hear.

    (Um, the Amazon link doesn’t work though!)

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