Social Media accounts.

Hey everyone! I’m taking a day off book reviews, and I’m appealing for all of you to go check my social media accounts!

Give me a follow! It would be appreciated 🙂

1) Goodreads


On Goodreads are my reviews + extra that haven’t made it to my blog yet!

2) Twitter


Twitter is the platform I promote my reviews on, and keep up to date with all the authors out there! If you could follow me on Twitter that would be great!

3) Instagram


Instagram is where it all started, but as “review_that_book”! I’ve been slacking on that site for a while, but hopefully with a few more followers I’ll try put more effort in! Besides I’d never give it up, because if it wasn’t for instagram I would have this blog!

*I’m also joined at library thing, so give that a gander*

Happy reading 🙂


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