The Hunted review: Part 1

Author: Ivy Smoak
Wow. What a gripping story from beginning to end! 

Firstly the characters are so realistic, you can connect to them from the get go!
Usually it takes me 3 whole chapters before I get into any story, but with this I was hooked in the first! You know nothing about the characters, yet you know so much! The whole idea of the story has a huge effect on you.

This book was something I’ve needed for a long time, and it ticked all the right boxes. It’s probably one of the easiest most captivating story’s I’ve read in months!

The idea of a secret romance is just so exciting and enchanting, you pick it up through every word, even though it’s not very long, it still gives a great effect and definitely leaves you Hungry for more and more!

Let’s face it most girls have fantasised about a secret love affair with a professor, well I know I have ;).

It’s  definite 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 five gold stars, and I recommend to go on amazon and buy yourself a copy! It’s not dear and totally worth every penny!
Amazon Link

Happy Reading!:) 

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