If you like this….

Hey! Today I’m trying a If you like this, then you’ll like this blog.

These were my favourite reads of the month! (March).

If you liked Ivy smoak The hunted. You’ll like ‘losing it’ by Cora Carmack .

The hunted:


Losing it:


My hunted review gives a brief of the story, which you can find here

Losing it, I haven’t managed to review yet, on the basis it’s equally similar to The Hunted. The beginning is alot more exciting and the whole arrangement of the proffessor, and lover mixes really well.

Because the protagonist in the book is a virgin, which is given away in the cover; She comes up with stupid excuses to why she chickened out on something when they met in a night club, I don’t want to give too much away so you’ll have to read it to see!

But there’s also a triadic romance in both of them, which is really exciting.

I gave both short stories 5 stars! And highly recommend them!

Losing it goodreads
Amazon link

Happy reading 🙂


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