The DUFF: Book to Movie discussion


I read the book in 2 days, and absolutely loved it! I only bought it because I wanted to watch the film.
The DUFF was so gripping and written in such a brilliant way, that I couldn’t put it down.
You really get involved with the characters, and they always give you such a laugh!

Unfortunately the film did no wonders for me. I expected the book to movie interpretation to be alot more accurate, but they’re nothing alike.

I could only pick differences: *spoilers sections* (skip to normal).
Bianca’s Dad isn’t around, and the part in the book where they have an argument, makes it alot more emotional.
Wesley in the book, is rich and lives in a mansion- in the film Bianca and Wesley live nextdoor to each other and they’ve known each other since childhood.

Sadly I think the idea of Bianca and Wesley living next to each other ruins the concepts of the book. I also wish that the Dad part from the book was included, because it forms a major part in the book.

On the bright side, I did love the ending of the film, in comparison to the book. It was alot more heart warming and exciting.

I’d give the book 4.5  🌟🌟🌟🌟Gold stars.
I’d give the film 4 silver stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐


12 thoughts on “The DUFF: Book to Movie discussion

  1. I saw the movie, unaware that a book proceeded it. I thought it was very cute and uplifting. I had liked that she & Wes had grown up next to each other though… I’m a little sad to hear that wasn’t the dynamic in the book.

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  2. I’ve seen a few clips for this film and thought it worth a watch (haven’t gotten around to it yet!) but I didn’t know that it was from a book – will have to have a look 🙂 Thanks

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  3. They are nothing alike, Wesley doesn’t show her how to change herself at all, in the book he helps her deal with her problems in a womanizer way. In the end though, they see they both need each other, he can’t stand not having her around and not having to face the truth of his life. Loved the book hated the movie.

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