Ivy Smoak The roommate: Review

**For mature Audiences**
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                    The Roommate

Wow. Wow. Wow
My favourite yet! I’m so so glad this is only part 1 that means there is more to come!

Most girls dream of a beautiful boy to move into your flat. When no other candidates fit her likings, her mind turns to Rory. The hunky boy that responded to her ad.

It’s clear to see that Keira has a thing for Rory from the beginning. When he starts rejecting her, and trying to make her jealous she gives as good as she gets. She soon starts to ask Rory for advise about asking a boy out, but does he know she’s really talking about him.

It’s another 5 stars from me, so Please, please go give this book a read! You won’t be disappointed.
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Ivy Smoak Cloudy: Review

**For mature Audiences**
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           Cloudy With A Chance Of Sex


Well… you definitely can’t be sensitive for this read. It’s very erotic but such an entertaining read.

It all starts as a prank in the park but things escalate, who takes their clothes off first? The weather presenter or a passerby?

It brings fun in the office to a whole new level, and if this happened in real life The government would be outraged, that is what makes it such a fun and mouth dropping read.

It’s definitely the most risky book I’ve read by Ivy.

I gave this short read 3 stars, and recommend to the well read eroticas.

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Ivy smoak week- The Hunted part 2 & 3

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                 The Hunted Part 3


             *For mature audiences*

No words can describe how brilliant Ivys wrighting is! I thought book 1 was excellent, but 2 & 3 are even better!

Penny definitely gave into temptation in these two books! Both books you watch Penny and Professor Hunters relationship rise and fall! From steam steam steam, all the way to heart breaks and steam!

Penny and prof. Hunters date, will definitely put anyone elses to shame! All the secrets start to come out, and they will definitely keep you guessing right to the end.

Book number 3 by far leaves you on a cliff hanger – Will prof. Hunter and Pennys relationship survive?

Not to worry because “The Hunted- Addiction” is now available on Amazon!
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Don’t miss out! I’ve given all this series 5 stars. I definitely recommend. Ivy has a brilliant way of writing and shaping each character, in all her short stories. Definitely check them out!

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Libraries – Who still uses them?

These days everytime I enter a library they are empty, appart from a few pensioners returning books.

The global scope of library activity 

1,212,383- librarys world wide
166,041,975,140- annual transactions
18,954,563- transactions a day
5,265- transactions a second
(Source- http://lonewolfilbrarian.files.wordpress.com)

Doesn’t the results show that some librarys ARE being used right now as we speak? Yet these statistics are 5 years old, they can’t have changed that much?

An early library that allowed access to the public was that of the Kalendars or Kalendaries, a brotherhood of clergy and laity who were attached to the Church of All-hallowen or All saints in Bristol, England. Records show that in 1464, provison was made for a library to be erected in the house of the kalendars, and Reference is made to a deed of that date by which it was

Appointed that all who wish to enter for the sake of instruction shall have ‘free access and recess

And there a library was born.

When I was younger I went to the library every Saturday, especially through the holidays! They use to run this kids competition where you read as many books as possible, the only problem was I read them too fast and no one ever believed I’d actually read the book.
Unfortunately this put me off going alot of the time, especially in my library the librarian is a little too snooty for my liking. I didn’t go for over 3 years until a month ago! The same woman was there from all them years ago, and surprisingly remembered me! Once again I read a book faster than average and this time no questions were asked!

I don’t necessarily enjoy visiting the library as the organisation sucks, but I’m also very fortunate to be able to buy what ever books I want. It’s no secret that some people aren’t as lucky or fortunate which is a huge shame, because everyone should have access to reading material, as it’s so vital we feed out brians with words to interpret which creates a beautiful story many people have spent months on.

Library’s are fantasic for people who can’t afford books, to go in and have access to new books, or old classics! Even if the cracked spines bother me a little. I do think more people need to use them, even once a month so the people who can’t afford books, have that institution avaliable to them.

We also need to remember librarys aren’t just for books, they offer a wider variety of things.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, as it took alot of time and effort! I hope to do more discussion blogs, because I like hearing your opinions- so let me know in the comments what you think!

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My Mum and dad are losers!



I received both these books for free on Google books, I thought I’d give them a read, because I needed something to lift my spirits.

They were brilliant! So funny and simply crafted, I think there perfect for kids around the 5+ age range.

There is a variety of choices to chose from, they’d be a great treat for a child, or yourself ;).

I’d rate these books 4 stars!

Amazon link – My mum is a loser.
My dad is a loser

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The Book Thief: Review

By Markus Zusak
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I borrowed this book from the library a few weeks ago; and loved every bit of it! I found the book so fascinating and magical, and felt such a connection to the characters.

The narration from the point of view of death was so unique, and fitted the book perfectly; it also made it that bit more captivating and intricate. How the story followed liesels development and life was what made it a whole lot better; her character was perfectly crafted along side rudy and her mum and dad .

I give this book 5 gold stars and 100% recommend you to give this book a chance; bevause it might just shock you. (And maybe fetch a few tears, but I won’t tell anyone ;))

Happy reading 🙂

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