The Book Thief: Review

By Markus Zusak
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I borrowed this book from the library a few weeks ago; and loved every bit of it! I found the book so fascinating and magical, and felt such a connection to the characters.

The narration from the point of view of death was so unique, and fitted the book perfectly; it also made it that bit more captivating and intricate. How the story followed liesels development and life was what made it a whole lot better; her character was perfectly crafted along side rudy and her mum and dad .

I give this book 5 gold stars and 100% recommend you to give this book a chance; bevause it might just shock you. (And maybe fetch a few tears, but I won’t tell anyone ;))

Happy reading 🙂

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7 thoughts on “The Book Thief: Review

  1. I have never read a bad review of this book but I started it and it really wasn’t compelling so I put it down. Maybe it was my mood still. I think I am going to give it another shot. Thanks for sharing.

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