Ivy smoak week- The Hunted part 2 & 3

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Ivy smoak interview.
The hunted Part 1: Review

                  The Hunted Part 2


                 The Hunted Part 3


             *For mature audiences*

No words can describe how brilliant Ivys wrighting is! I thought book 1 was excellent, but 2 & 3 are even better!

Penny definitely gave into temptation in these two books! Both books you watch Penny and Professor Hunters relationship rise and fall! From steam steam steam, all the way to heart breaks and steam!

Penny and prof. Hunters date, will definitely put anyone elses to shame! All the secrets start to come out, and they will definitely keep you guessing right to the end.

Book number 3 by far leaves you on a cliff hanger – Will prof. Hunter and Pennys relationship survive?

Not to worry because “The Hunted- Addiction” is now available on Amazon!
Amazon link

Don’t miss out! I’ve given all this series 5 stars. I definitely recommend. Ivy has a brilliant way of writing and shaping each character, in all her short stories. Definitely check them out!

Happy reading 🙂


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