City of Bones: Review

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The City Of Bones has taken over my life! I started off by watching the film and was blown anyway with how great it was! Once I realised it was a book series it didn’t take me long to purchase ALL the series.

The book isn’t too different from the film or vice versa, thats what a loved; often I find myself hating book to movie adaptations.

Cassandra Clare has such a gripping and intelligent way of writing, which brings you into the world she is writing about. I definitely went into fan girl mode, and wanted to beocme a shadowhunter 😂 if only.

I rate City Of Bones 5 stars and 100% recommend you to read the book and watch the film; if you already haven’t.

Happy reading 🙂

Night film: Review

Author: Marisha Pessl
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I was so excited to get my hands on this books, but unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it at all. The images through out were a great added bonus; especially the app that goes with it, but that’s about it.

The whole story built up to nothing, and I think the book could have been over half the size and you’d still get the same effect. You were led to believe someone was murdered and there would be a great plot twist…. there wasn’t.

I would rate this book 3 stars, and sadly wouldn’t recommend it. 
I’d like to know your thoughts and weather you got on with the book more than me.

Happy reading 🙂

Heroin users?

A few weeks ago I went outside my house to find a man collapsed at the side of my mums car, my dad and the nextdoor neighbour helped him up (sat him up) and I proceeded to call an ambulance; thinking maybe he had heat stroke. The ambulance told me to ask if he’d taken anything and it turns out he’d taken herion.

I wrote a status on facebook and alot of people responded negatively, saying things like “they don’t deserve help”, “let the police deal with them”, “you should have just left him there”. I only recieved two positive comments; “you did a good thing **** you should have helped him you dont know what they have been through” and also ” waste of time, waste of space, but well done for been a nice person”.

To say people actually told me to leave him I find disgusting, especially to say I didn’t know what was wrong to start with. If I left him and he had respiratory problems, and maybe died who’d be responsible? I’d have a killer guilty consious.

I don’t agree anyone should leave someone on the floor, on drugs or not. It’s not humane and I don’t know his life story or what caused him to start taking drugs, he could have been abused, abandoned at birth. I don’t agree with people taking drugs for fun, I definitely wouldn’t take them myself, it’s a shame they ruin themselves for the sake of a fix.

What would you do? Leave him or offer help with some respect for humanity?