City of Bones: Review

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The City Of Bones has taken over my life! I started off by watching the film and was blown anyway with how great it was! Once I realised it was a book series it didn’t take me long to purchase ALL the series.

The book isn’t too different from the film or vice versa, thats what a loved; often I find myself hating book to movie adaptations.

Cassandra Clare has such a gripping and intelligent way of writing, which brings you into the world she is writing about. I definitely went into fan girl mode, and wanted to beocme a shadowhunter 😂 if only.

I rate City Of Bones 5 stars and 100% recommend you to read the book and watch the film; if you already haven’t.

Happy reading 🙂

12 thoughts on “City of Bones: Review

  1. I thought the movie was completely different from the book. But then again, I was being biased about the book because it is in third person, so maybe I should reread the book because I am more optimistic with third person POVs now. Thank you for your review!

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  2. I don’t agree with you that the book and the movie weren’t very different. The plot of the movie is changed too much and the movie was not really great. But the book is awesome. Now they’re making the tv show and they will probably ruin that too…

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  3. YAY! I am so happy that you love this book! I hope that you love the entire series! I was addicted to this series and I still am after a few years of not reading it. I’m also glad that you liked the movie adaptation and surprised that you found out of the book series through the movie. I thoughts the characters they picked were perfect, especially Jace’s character! Did you know there is a TV shoe coming out next year for this series?
    I can’t wait for you to read the next books. xoxo

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