Why I started blogging! It gets personal!

Why I started blogging?

The first time I ever spoke about blogging was over a year ago now; I was joking about starting a reading blog, after talking about it in my English lesson.
Something about it in my mind didn’t seem like a joke.

That night I created a new email bookreviewss@hotmail.com and created “review_that_book” on instagram. Instagram was where it all started, taking pictures and reviewing them. My ratings grew faster than expected, up to 1,600 in the first few months.

From using Instagram and the name “review_that_book,  I felt like it restricted me just to reviews; so I made a decision to change the name to “inspiredbyabook” (all together not sperate).

What Happened Next? 

My uncle designs websites so I asked him what I should do because I wanted to move to my own website. Unfortunately it was too expensive so he introduced me to WordPress which was the best thing he’s ever done! He advised to create a twitter account to expand my branches. (Shh I’ve kind of forgot about my twitter account).

After that my blog grew quicker than expected; contacting authors and reviewing/ reading books ever since.

What inspires me about reading?

I find reading such a special experience. How can words open your mind so widely to allow new abilities and opportunities?. Every time I read it takes me to another world, away from all the troubles of today. Like any reader I know I get too invested into the stories, but who doesn’t?. Reading A Book just makes me feel like I’ve had a personality Change, that I’m capable of more things.

I also believe you can learn new things And help with certain situations. It’s truely beautiful.

Why is my blog called “inspiredbyabook “? 

I chose to call it inspired because it truely does inspire me. If I’ve read a book and it inspires an idea I can write about it, without just been limited to reviews. I love reviewing books giving my opinion, but having the ability to write other things gives the ability to be more creative!
Thank you for your support it means a lot.
Please like and share!

Psst. I’m starting a new blog in the next month, “Room94business@hotmail.co.uk” be sure to look out for posts with links to the new website.
It will be around beauty,fashion and nails! But also my own online clothing and beauty business. Which you can check out on depop.

Depop: jademeigh / Room94
Thank you x

I LOVE Blogging!!

Happy reading



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