Why my reviews are short?

I have been looking back to when I started my reviews, and there soo long! Personally I HATE long winded reviews that babble about unnecessary things.

I decided to shorted them, so people can look quicky for what they’re looking for, without all the jargon. Personally I enjoy reading my short reviews in comparison to the long ones.

Please let me know if you enjoy them short, and I hope you are enjoying my new movie review section.

Happy reading 🙂



8 thoughts on “Why my reviews are short?

  1. I guess it depends on the brevity – I am okay with short reviews as long as the depth of detail is good. I have noticed that when I am doing reviews for ARCs through NetGalley, if the book was not what I had hoped then my review is shorter. The books that really give me all the feels get much longer reviews…probably because I’m fangirling. 😛

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  2. Nice that you have shortened your reviews, in busy times I am a short reader haha. Have you compared the amount of words of the long posts now with the shorter ones?
    When I shortened my review post, well to say: I divided it into three parts to write about. The first part is the about and the prejudices you could have or questions that come up to wander. The second part is about the grammar or spelling because I am annoyed when a book has too many mistakes or when a film has to many faults. The third part is about the characters – the main characters or when I already explained in the other parts then the main side-characters.

    I agree with @reviewsbyruckie that when I really like something, I automatically write more. But because I don’t want to write any spoilers it holds me back a bit too.
    My average posts are between the 400-750 words (without numbers counted)

    Greetings by Sophie

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    1. I’ve never checked word count, I should do really. And I know spoilers hold me back too, because it’s the main part of the book/film that impress us, involve them! I know alot of people are busy so I like to shorten them so people can glance quickly, without taking up too much time. X

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  3. Reviews should be that: a review, not a thesis statement. Keep ’em short…a brief description of the plot, what you liked (if anything), what you hated (and maybe a recommendation for something else if you REALLLLLLY hated it). Done and done.

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