The vampire diaries – ageless reading? 

I’ve finally finished the first vampire diaries book! Which unfortunately took me ages, especially with exams. However, it got me thinking… Apart from social change and context, could you tell what year a book was written? Whether it be from the 1800’s to the 1900’s or even 2016? 

I noticed as I was reading The vampire diaries it was written in 1991, 6 years before I was born! Previous to this knowledge I had done little research so thought it was written fairly recent at around 2006 onwards. 

Because of my thoughts, I wondered can you tell? Especially because to me, the writing style and language is fluent and modern. Or could it just be that language is slow moving. 

What are your thoughts on this? Please comment! 

*review up soon* 


5 thoughts on “The vampire diaries – ageless reading? 

  1. Hopefully the stories (at their heart) remain timeless, but there are definitely some that can date themselves. I haven’t read this series, but there have been references in some books that mark them as older. 🙂 Not necessarily bad, but not that good if it is supposed to have some implication for the reader, right?

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  2. I just read this series this year and have been watching the show since it came out six years ago, so it was noticeable. It’s not that they are so different, but the characters all have cell phones now and use them like normal teenagers. Not having that instant contact with each other to check up on things was immediately noticeable because of that. If I hadn’t been used to the characters already doing that, not sure if I would have noticed or just accepted their lack of tech as part of the world the author was creating.
    I’ve noticed that it’s usually little things like tech and the tech terminology that make it obvious.

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