Murder / Mystery Series – Stephen Griffiths – Sensitive content – not suitable to children.

Griffiths, 40. Arrested after committing murder 3 times.

Griffiths was studying a PhD in criminology at Bradford university, when he was arrested for the murder of Susan Rushworth, Shelley Armitage and Suzanne Blamires, all bizarrely with their first name beginning with the letter ‘S’.

Griffiths was a man whom studied the work of prior criminal Valentine, to which he got his ‘inspiration’ to go on a vile killing spree. Griffiths proceeded to brag about his crimes on a website before killing his victims. His crimes were so brutal all females were reported to be dismantled in his bath, after he had knocked Suzanne unconscious.

Griffiths even went as far to have skinned his victims, and consumed them afterwards. a lot of his brutal attacks were caught on CCTV outside his flat.

The remains of Rushworth were never found.

luckily Griffiths was charged with the murder of all three women, and sentenced to life imprisonment, which a whole life order.




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