Life update. Law Degree? Masters in law?New home? New life?

When I first started my blog 5-years ago I had all the time in the world. No job and no commitments other than college. I used to read around 140 books a year and all I wanted to do was review books and add content to my blog. Until 2016 when my biggest dream came true! I got into law school. If you have followed my blog you will know that was a massive dream of mine, but with moving out came bills, which means work, uni and more work.

Unfortunately, my time was spent on trying to push myself to get the best classification law degree I could. My love for reading had to be put into reading law blogs, journals, books and articles. This meant I had little time for my blog, which often played on my mind.

However, I now have a 2:1 classification Law Degree and I am going on to study a Masters in Professional Legal Practice/ Legal practice course in September. I have also just renovated property with my Partner, and we now have a fresh modern space. As I am studying Masters part-time, I have extra free time. I have books under my coffee table ready to read, a new mature attitude with different topic ideas for my blog.

I am going to stick to my book reviews, as they are foundation for my blog, However, I do want to tailor my blog to legal topics as that is the career path I want to follow and want my blog to stay relevant to my interests.

I am going to plan some blogs and start uploading again as regularly as I can. I hope to see you all soon, and this time…. ill try to stick to it.

Happy reading 🙂