Miss Peregrine’s Home for peculiar Children: REVIEW


Author : Ransom Riggs

Pages :384

Rating : 10/10

I read this book a loooonnnng time ago, but only just got around to reviewing it. its quite fitting as the film is due out in the cinemas soon, which I’m so excited about!

The book itself has a great warmth to it, and is really interesting to read. The characters each take on a life of their own and develop continuously throughout. The storyline which includes Jacob shows how family secrets can effect someone’s life, but also in the long run make it better and filled with excitement!

There was never a dull moment in the book, I had to slow down the reading as I loved it that much and didn’t want it to end. The idea and creation of the book was perfect, and couldn’t recommend it enough! also everyone needs to go see the film and read the book; to witness something truly magical!

happy reading 🙂



University update!

Yikes! what a few Month it has been! I got my A-level results, which were 10X better than I anticipated and I got into university!!!! since I found out I’ve been shopping, shopping and shopping.

I’m moving out which means I have to buy everything from scratch, so its given me little time to plan and write blogs, or get my Room94 blog started fully. from the 13th of September regular updates to Inspiredbyabook will be made, from movie, book and general reviews to discussion topics.

updates to Room94 will be less regular, as I am re-launching due to been unable to commit 100% to it.

I’d appreciate if my fellow followers, could go follow room94site, in preparation for re-launch, as that will have beauty, fashion and food content.

I look forward to 100% starting back up both blogs, including the Instagram page from the 12th.

happy reading.



Sisters: Review

Synopsis: Sisters (2015)
Two sisters decide to throw one last house party before their parents sell their family home. And realise they are in deeper than they intended, putting their futures on the line and family relationships.

Running time: 118 minutes

Director: Jason Moore

Staring: Amy Poehler,John leguizamo, Maya Rudlolph and Tina Fey.

Amy poehler is my all time favourite, and in this movie both her and Tina Fey worked brilliantly! The comedy was fast paced, keeping an engaged audience.

The sisters had both hit a rocky termoil in their lives, and wanted one last pick me up. When their parents announced they were selling the family home, they took the opportunity and created a party, on line with project X.

The house in the process is trashed, and when the parents come back the sisters have to clean up and the out come is great!

I rate this film 8/10 and definitely recommend it. 


Asking for it: Review



Asking for it; is a very important book that covers a serious issue, rape.
LOUISE O’NEILL bravely tackeles how traumatic a rape can be, and how the power of social media can ruin someones life.

Throughout the book it has the power to change your emoties continuously; from angry, to sad and even confusion. The topic of rape is serious and a book created showing the reality of what it’s like, has a huge impact on the reader.

The main character emma, was a popular girl with everything a teenager wishes for. She’s out going and having the time of her life; until she goes to a party and a boy rapes her, filming the horrible act and posting it on social media.
Gradually you see emmas story grow into something upsetting and difficult to come to terms with, as people accuse her of lying, shes lost all her confidence and he family is falling appart.

Overall the story is an eye opener, and is a definite read but not for the faint hearted. Louise leaves the story open, as she quotes “for rape victims it’s never really over”, so it’s open to interpretation as to how emmas story ends.

I rate 5 Stars.


Physical copies of books are on the rise. The sales have rissn by 10%!

Waterstones are stopping selling e-readers, to just focus on selling paper and hardbacks.

Apparently it’s due to the rise of young readers, IT MAKES ME SOOO HAPPY!!!!!
So maybe reading will loose it stigma of being “weird” or just for “bofins”

Gone girl: Review

Author: Gillian Flynn
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I read this book a few months ago, and never got round to reviewing it! I don’t know why as I LOVED it.

How Gillian wrote Amy to be such a master mind was brilliant, the whole book just proves what women can do when they think and plan.

The clues Amy left Ben inside the hiden places was such a great trick, especially to start with as he thought she was portraying her love to him! As the story progressed we learnt that they were actually little digs at Ben, for his affair and attitude.

The first half of the book was a drag, all until part 2 I was thinking is this going anywhere. Luckily as I was about to put the book down, the pace picked up!
Quickly it escalated into something magical.

It definitely left me thinking about a womans ability to plan, plot and attack! If we all put our minds to it; were capable of anything!

I rate this book 4 stars; and if you haven’t already, Go read it!

Happy reading 🙂

GREY : Review

Author: E. L. Jame
Genre: Erotic romance
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First things first… Grey actually has feelings, Which are shown continuously throughout the book. It was obviously very similar to Fifty Shades of Grey, seen as it’s the same book from a different point of view!

The 4th installment answered alot of questions, everyone was dying know! Such as Christian really works! This installment offers readers to get truly invested into the characters lives and understand them more.

Lucky E.L.James’ writing has developed over the past few years, as her development is clear throughout the book. Her writing style has certainly improved.

I’d rate this book 4 stars, as it’s well written and offers greater insight into Christians life, which all us nosey people love! I definitely recommend Grey!

Happy reading 🙂

City of Bones: Review

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The City Of Bones has taken over my life! I started off by watching the film and was blown anyway with how great it was! Once I realised it was a book series it didn’t take me long to purchase ALL the series.

The book isn’t too different from the film or vice versa, thats what a loved; often I find myself hating book to movie adaptations.

Cassandra Clare has such a gripping and intelligent way of writing, which brings you into the world she is writing about. I definitely went into fan girl mode, and wanted to beocme a shadowhunter 😂 if only.

I rate City Of Bones 5 stars and 100% recommend you to read the book and watch the film; if you already haven’t.

Happy reading 🙂

Night film: Review

Author: Marisha Pessl
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I was so excited to get my hands on this books, but unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it at all. The images through out were a great added bonus; especially the app that goes with it, but that’s about it.

The whole story built up to nothing, and I think the book could have been over half the size and you’d still get the same effect. You were led to believe someone was murdered and there would be a great plot twist…. there wasn’t.

I would rate this book 3 stars, and sadly wouldn’t recommend it. 
I’d like to know your thoughts and weather you got on with the book more than me.

Happy reading 🙂

Heroin users?

A few weeks ago I went outside my house to find a man collapsed at the side of my mums car, my dad and the nextdoor neighbour helped him up (sat him up) and I proceeded to call an ambulance; thinking maybe he had heat stroke. The ambulance told me to ask if he’d taken anything and it turns out he’d taken herion.

I wrote a status on facebook and alot of people responded negatively, saying things like “they don’t deserve help”, “let the police deal with them”, “you should have just left him there”. I only recieved two positive comments; “you did a good thing **** you should have helped him you dont know what they have been through” and also ” waste of time, waste of space, but well done for been a nice person”.

To say people actually told me to leave him I find disgusting, especially to say I didn’t know what was wrong to start with. If I left him and he had respiratory problems, and maybe died who’d be responsible? I’d have a killer guilty consious.

I don’t agree anyone should leave someone on the floor, on drugs or not. It’s not humane and I don’t know his life story or what caused him to start taking drugs, he could have been abused, abandoned at birth. I don’t agree with people taking drugs for fun, I definitely wouldn’t take them myself, it’s a shame they ruin themselves for the sake of a fix.

What would you do? Leave him or offer help with some respect for humanity?