University update!

Yikes! what a few Month it has been! I got my A-level results, which were 10X better than I anticipated and I got into university!!!! since I found out I’ve been shopping, shopping and shopping.

I’m moving out which means I have to buy everything from scratch, so its given me little time to plan and write blogs, or get my Room94 blog started fully. from the 13th of September regular updates to Inspiredbyabook will be made, from movie, book and general reviews to discussion topics.

updates to Room94 will be less regular, as I am re-launching due to been unable to commit 100% to it.

I’d appreciate if my fellow followers, could go follow room94site, in preparation for re-launch, as that will have beauty, fashion and food content.

I look forward to 100% starting back up both blogs, including the Instagram page from the 12th.

happy reading.




I was sent Irony of Time Which is a paronormal romance by M. L. Crum for a honest review!

The story is based around a woman called Miriam and a man called Ian, which I wasn’t sure if he was a vampire or not! But Ian sends miriam back in time to try and change the events of an accident that happened when she was 16 years old.

It took some time for me to actually get into the story, but as soon as I got into it, I couldn’t put it down.
I really enjoyed it, and found it a heart warming paranormal romance.

A few bits did confuse me, but that was made up with the execution of the story telling, the out turn of events were written beautifully and put a smile on my face!

I’d give this story 🌟🌟🌟⭐ 4 stars 3 gold and 1 silver, and recommend for you to go on amazon and check it out!

Goodreads Link:

Happy reading 🙂

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Had my first driving lesson today! Don’t know weather I loved it or hated it.

I was expecting to be able to know what to do straight away, but boy was I wrong, 1000 jobs at once! I’m looking forward to next time, when hopefully I get longer to have more “road experience”.

My driving instructor is nice too which is a bonus.

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Gillian Flynn: Box Set (short post)

Ahh!! Finally got all 3 books by Gillian Flynn! Which consists of:
⚫ Gone girl
⚫ Sharp objects
⚫ Dark places

I’m sooo excited to read them, but I’m currently stuggling with “shall I” “shan’t I”. Once I’ve read them that’s it. They’re read, and I probably wont read them again.

Does anyone else do this? Or is it just me being weird?

Happy reading.

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Girl online review.


Girl online is a drama/contemporary/romance, Novel written by Zoe sugg and her ghost writer siobhan curham.

Girl online, is hiding behind a identity to express her personal feelings to the world, when she goes to New York this changes as she meets Noah who she knows nothing about, Noah is also hiding a secret, that threatens Pennys identity.

My first feelings on this novel is that it was a little childish, and I’d aim it to teenagers around the age of 13/14. Even though I aim it at a younger audience, it doesn’t mean I didn’t like it! Infact I loved it once I got around a quater in.

All in all it took me around 4 hours to read, once I started it was a constant page turner, such a easy and quick  read! How the events folder out, kept me in suspense to see the outcome, also the personality of the character shone through, especially Elliots.

I’d rate it 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 gold stars, based on the fact, it’s the first book in a while that I just couldn’t put down!
Please,please,please go check it out! Feel free to express your feelings on the book in the comments.

Happy reading 🙂

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Ed sheerans visual journey.

Ed sheerans visual journey was on my wish list for so long, and when my mum bought me the book for christmas I was over the moon!

Ed, teamed up with a fantasic artist called phillip butah, who’s work you see through out, who’s is also Ed’s childhood friend.

The book helps you connect in a personal way with Ed, because you follow him through his journey to getting to the point where he is today, which didn’t come easy for him! It gives you a great opportunity to learn more about where he came from, and to never give up on your dreams.

I’d rate this book 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟5 gold stars, based on I never read biography/autobiography’s, especially when they’re celebrities, but this book changed my mind completely. It’s a quick and fun read, so go out and buy it! You won’t regret it 🙂

Happy reading🙂

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My first guest post!

I was so honoured when Kevin Morris asked me to do a guest post for ‘newauthoronline’; I jumped at the chance of getting the name ‘inspiredbyabook’ out there, giving it the opportunity to reach a wider audience, and hopefully get me the recognition I’ve always hoped for.

I chose to write a piece on why I started my blog, in hope for it to give other people the confidence to follow their dreams and if they’re wanting to, start their own blog.

Firstly at 17 I never had the idea of wanting to start my own blog, until one day I was in a English lesson and me and my friend were joking about starting blogs, which at that point I realised  ‘’oh I’d quite like to have a go on that and see how it goes’’. When I got home that night I created a new email account ‘’, and asked my mum and dad what their opinions were, both was up for me doing it but they didn’t think I’d last at it! How wrong were they? I made the decision to use a cover name, instead of my own because I didn’t have the confidence for all my friends knowing I was starting blog. I wanted it to be a personal experience ‘my own little world’’

I’ve always loved reading, so I put two and two together and created an instagram about books, originally it was called ‘review_that_book’, but eventually I felt this didn’t represent me as a person, or been able to post a wide variety of things on my instagram. Eventually this lead to the birth of ‘inspiredbyabook’, and new found ideas of creating my own website! Which I did less than a month ago, and already I’ve got 500+ followers which mean the world to me!

With the new name and website, I finally could share something I’m passionate about and thoroughly enjoy! Having a website helped me reach a wider audience and share my own thoughts and opinions, instead of writing a thousand mile long explanation on instagram! Sharing my opinion is how I got the opportunity to write this guest post, because Kevin liked ‘eBooks or paperback’ which expresses my opinion very well. I’m defiantly hoping to achieve my dreams from doing this, and my main goal is to get in contact with some publishers, and start requesting and receiving ARC copies of books to review! I refuse to stop, until I’ve got where I want to be.

Finally I’d just like to say, if any of you have dreams but are afraid, no matter what age you are, just go out and grab them! There is no one there stopping you, and you have full control! In the end you will be so proud of yourself, every struggle, down days or when you feel like giving up only make you stronger, and so keep at it! At 17, I’ve achieved so far in the space of around 3 month, more than i could have ever dreamed, if I can do it, around college and work life you can to!  

Happy reading 🙂

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The suspect complete review.

I was sent “The suspect complete by Kevin Morris for a truthful and honest review, which as always will be given.

This collection of short stories brought out mixed feelings and thoughts, first off I loved “The suspect” singular, the end was unexpected to me and was very fun to read, it’s also always a genre I’m interested in. The short story I wasn’t too sure about was “The Condemned Man” I didn’t seem to understand the ending.

“The database” was really fun for me because I’m studying law and a lot on the content was linked to law and it’s semantics, As I started working through towards the last few stories I picked up on young writing for some reason (age wise) a lot was informal and quite fun because being young myself I could relate. Another thing I picked up on was someone who was studying psychology or sociology with terms used, and found it very interesting seeing them put into content.

“Shoes” I also loved because it reminded me of maniac the film,

I’d rate the whole collection 4 stars ⭐️❄️⭐️❄️, 2 silver and 2 gold! This collection has definitely restored my faith in short stories, and made me more appreciative of them. I would also read more of Kevin’s work!

Thanks for the short stories Kevin, I really enjoyed them-!

Happy reading

(Longest blog ever) Do people still read?

What’s happened to when picking up a book was a socially normal thing? All you see or here these days is that it’s un-cool and boring. I can’t understand why it isn’t cool or fun, before technology came around, books were out only form of education and entertainment. Call me old fashioned, but I can’t think of anything better than picking up a book after a long day.

Has society gotten that bad, only 1 in 5 parent’s find time to read to there children? But they still find time to go out and by a 5 year old an iphone. Is it also that bad 10 to 16 year olds, only read for pleasure, because it’s in the school curriculum.

(national literacy trust, reaching out with role models, April 2009),(2013 research by Dr Alice Sullivan and Matt Brown from the institute of education)

 As shocking as those figures are, they’re true. Each generation are losing touch with reading, evidently from help of the parents not reading to children at all. And this is why EBook sales have risen, It’s basic laziness, for example amazons 1 click service. All you have to do is press the button and you instantly own a EBook, without having to go to the library, or search Amazon for a paper/hardback book, or spend a hour in town looking for a book to buy, not to mention waiting for delivery. Society has become blind to how important reading is for everyone’s literacy developing skills, also how important it is for education. They even do texts books in EBook version!

 Linking to the TV show the chase, the chasers intelligence has come from reading books! Why would parents want to deprive their children of the intelligence and fun they can have from reading a book?

 According to the guardian, people don’t even purchase paperbacks as much as EBooks, for every 100 hard and paper back sold, 114 EBooks are downloaded. Hands down this is the worst thing that could happen for the next generation of children! Technology is taking over the brains of young children, making them lose touch with the real world, and what’s most important to them!       

 Parents need to read this and take note on the next few tips i’m going to give

 · You need to take time on weekends and days off, to actually go buy your child a book to read from, if not with-in 20 years time, the only books you’ll see are the ones sat in a museum, because publications will have closed down and will no longer be publishing books because no one buys them!

 · Give you and your child some bonding time, buy a collection of short stories and try read at least 3/4 times a week to them!

· Ditch the iphone for Christmas and buy them books!

 · Try make reading fun, for example the 2015 reading challenge, and if they complete it, promise them a gift.

 · Try reading yourself, make an impression on your children.

If it’s children or teenagers reading this, then here’s my tips for you!

 · Don’t listen to people who say it’s un-cool, because secretly they’ll be the biggest book worm you know, and secretly they’ll read everyday.

 · Try reading short books to start with, work your way up to bigger books.

 · Read things you’re interested in, like young adult, or dystopian.


Like the pie chart shows, some changes need to be made, read paperback and when you need a break take on a EBook, but just because of laziness don’t rely on EBooks all the time. Give your brains a break from technology, sit somewhere quiet and drift off to another world with a book! It can be done, reading just needs the praise it used to get.



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TMI TAG: 50 questions 50 answers.


1: What are you wearing?

Leopard print onesie.

2: Ever been in love?

3: Ever had a terrible breakup?No I haven’t 👐

4: How tall are you? Around 5’5/6

5: How much do you weigh? 7 stone

6: Any tattoos? Nope

7: Any piercings? Yes, I have 8- 3 on each ear, nose and belly button

8: OTP- brenda and Tom! (Maze runner)

9: Favorite show? Geordie shore

 10: Favorite bands? Echosmith and years and years at the minute.

11: Something you miss? Primary school

12: Favorite song? James bay, anything he sings, and also all songs on radio 1.

13: How old are you? 17

14: Zodiac sign? Scorpio

15: Quality you look for in a partner? A nice, kind person.

16: Favorite Quote? Treat others how you wish to be treated.

17: Favorite actor? Liam Neeson

18: Favorite color? Pastel Orange

19: Loud music or soft? LOUD

20: Where do you go when you’re sad? To bed. Haha

21: How long does it take you to shower? Around 30 mins

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 15 to 30 mins

23: Ever been in a physical fight? I’m not violent, but I have smacked someone round the face 😂

24: Turn on? Beards and James bay.


25: Turn off? Arrogance and nasty boys.

26: The reason I made this blog? To promote my love of books and escape the real world.

27: Fears? Having kids, and getting kidnapped

28: Last thing that made you cry? My dad, for not listening to me. Haha

29: Last time you said you loved someone? Today

30: Meaning behind your blog Name? At the beginning it was “review that book” but I wanted to make it more vesatile, so changed it to ‘Inspiredbyabook’ to show what inspires me from reading books.

31: Last book you read? The death cure.

32: The book you’re currently reading? Time to Reap

33: Last show you watched? Undateables

34: Last person you talked to? My mum

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Bestfriends

36: Favorite food? Everything appart from; tomatoes and sweet corn, and sea food.

37: Place you want to visit? America

38: Last place you were? College

39: Do you have a crush? Yes, James Bay

41: Last time you were insulted? hmm, can’t remember.

42: Favorite flavor of sweet? Blueberry

43: What instruments do you play? Guitar abit, and piano when I feel like it.

44: Favorite piece of jewelry? My grandads wedding ring.

45: Last sport you played? What’s sport?

46: Last song you sang? James bay, hold back the river.

47: Favorite chat up line? I don’t like chatup lines, there abit cheesy.

48: Have you ever used it? nope

49: Last time you hung out with anyone? At college, so today.

50: Who should answer these questions next? Everyone who reads them.!!

Happy reading:)

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