Miss Peregrine’s Home for peculiar Children: REVIEW


Author : Ransom Riggs

Pages :384

Rating : 10/10

I read this book a loooonnnng time ago, but only just got around to reviewing it. its quite fitting as the film is due out in the cinemas soon, which I’m so excited about!

The book itself has a great warmth to it, and is really interesting to read. The characters each take on a life of their own and develop continuously throughout. The storyline which includes Jacob shows how family secrets can effect someone’s life, but also in the long run make it better and filled with excitement!

There was never a dull moment in the book, I had to slow down the reading as I loved it that much and didn’t want it to end. The idea and creation of the book was perfect, and couldn’t recommend it enough! also everyone needs to go see the film and read the book; to witness something truly magical!

happy reading 🙂



University update!

Yikes! what a few Month it has been! I got my A-level results, which were 10X better than I anticipated and I got into university!!!! since I found out I’ve been shopping, shopping and shopping.

I’m moving out which means I have to buy everything from scratch, so its given me little time to plan and write blogs, or get my Room94 blog started fully. from the 13th of September regular updates to Inspiredbyabook will be made, from movie, book and general reviews to discussion topics.

updates to Room94 will be less regular, as I am re-launching due to been unable to commit 100% to it.

I’d appreciate if my fellow followers, could go follow room94site, in preparation for re-launch, as that will have beauty, fashion and food content.

I look forward to 100% starting back up both blogs, including the Instagram page from the 12th.

happy reading.



The Hunted series: Eruption review


Yet again another knock out book by Ivy Smoak! Another late night getting through the book, because I can never seem to put them down!

All seems well once again for Penny and Hunter, but like always something throws a spanner into the works! It was great to see how Penny and Hunters relationship has developed since the first books (which I loved also).

With them finally happy and settled, something was bound to happen, and boy it did! For the first time I didn’t see it coming. I don’t want to spoil but wow. How can anyone not read these books!

Only down fall, is there wasn’t enough book to fill my needs; and that cliff hanger made me want to rip my eyes out!

All in all 5/5 stars once again. Cannot wait for the  next book Devotion!




So, many of you will be familiar with the book ‘Night film’ by Marisha Pessl. Today I was roaming around poundworld looking for some car freshners, and ‘Night film’ was only there on the shelf!
FOR £1!!!! I must have paid £4+ when it was released.

I have never been as shocked in my life, and I wonder what other gems I’ve missed!

Have any of you had experiences like this? Please let me know in the comments.


Why my reviews are short?

I have been looking back to when I started my reviews, and there soo long! Personally I HATE long winded reviews that babble about unnecessary things.

I decided to shorted them, so people can look quicky for what they’re looking for, without all the jargon. Personally I enjoy reading my short reviews in comparison to the long ones.

Please let me know if you enjoy them short, and I hope you are enjoying my new movie review section.

Happy reading 🙂


Sisters: Review

Synopsis: Sisters (2015)
Two sisters decide to throw one last house party before their parents sell their family home. And realise they are in deeper than they intended, putting their futures on the line and family relationships.

Running time: 118 minutes

Director: Jason Moore

Staring: Amy Poehler,John leguizamo, Maya Rudlolph and Tina Fey.

Amy poehler is my all time favourite, and in this movie both her and Tina Fey worked brilliantly! The comedy was fast paced, keeping an engaged audience.

The sisters had both hit a rocky termoil in their lives, and wanted one last pick me up. When their parents announced they were selling the family home, they took the opportunity and created a party, on line with project X.

The house in the process is trashed, and when the parents come back the sisters have to clean up and the out come is great!

I rate this film 8/10 and definitely recommend it. 


New blog is finally ready!


Whoop! Finally set up my dream blog! Room94. I’ll  be posting content around Christmas time, everything from tips & hacks, hauls, reviews and demos.

My aims is also to make my fashion and beauty business bigger, so I’ll be showing what I have for sale and how you can buy anything!

I’ve been planning and going over ideas for over a month; and they’ve started to fall in place. I’ve got a new camera to make this blog and my new one 100 better. Some great things are ahead.

Please show me your support and follow my new blog!



As some of you may know, through Christmas I will be starting a new blog “room94site”.

I’m creating it as a beauty, fashion, and promoting my website fashion business.
I’m equally passionate about beauty as I am reading books.

I’ll be including reviews of high end beauty products, drug store products and general beauty hacks, make up and nail ideas.

I hope all my followers will support me on this journey and keep upto date with my new blog when it’s up and running.

And don’t worry, I’ll NEVER forget the book posts.


Why I started blogging! It gets personal!

Why I started blogging?

The first time I ever spoke about blogging was over a year ago now; I was joking about starting a reading blog, after talking about it in my English lesson.
Something about it in my mind didn’t seem like a joke.

That night I created a new email bookreviewss@hotmail.com and created “review_that_book” on instagram. Instagram was where it all started, taking pictures and reviewing them. My ratings grew faster than expected, up to 1,600 in the first few months.

From using Instagram and the name “review_that_book,  I felt like it restricted me just to reviews; so I made a decision to change the name to “inspiredbyabook” (all together not sperate).

What Happened Next? 

My uncle designs websites so I asked him what I should do because I wanted to move to my own website. Unfortunately it was too expensive so he introduced me to WordPress which was the best thing he’s ever done! He advised to create a twitter account to expand my branches. (Shh I’ve kind of forgot about my twitter account).

After that my blog grew quicker than expected; contacting authors and reviewing/ reading books ever since.

What inspires me about reading?

I find reading such a special experience. How can words open your mind so widely to allow new abilities and opportunities?. Every time I read it takes me to another world, away from all the troubles of today. Like any reader I know I get too invested into the stories, but who doesn’t?. Reading A Book just makes me feel like I’ve had a personality Change, that I’m capable of more things.

I also believe you can learn new things And help with certain situations. It’s truely beautiful.

Why is my blog called “inspiredbyabook “? 

I chose to call it inspired because it truely does inspire me. If I’ve read a book and it inspires an idea I can write about it, without just been limited to reviews. I love reviewing books giving my opinion, but having the ability to write other things gives the ability to be more creative!
Thank you for your support it means a lot.
Please like and share!

Psst. I’m starting a new blog in the next month, “Room94business@hotmail.co.uk” be sure to look out for posts with links to the new website.
It will be around beauty,fashion and nails! But also my own online clothing and beauty business. Which you can check out on depop.

Depop: jademeigh / Room94
Thank you x

I LOVE Blogging!!

Happy reading


Give a little…

Do people still use librarys

Ever since my last blog questioning if people still use librarys, personally I’ve been trying to make the most of my local Library.

I sorted through some books people have sent me, arks, presents and others and decided to give the library some. For me this was pretty difficult, because I love holding onto my books, but I needed the space. Anyway the woman at the library looked at me like she’d never been given books before. It just warmed my heart!

I can’t encourage any of you enough, to sort through old books, DVDs and CDs. Take them to your library and give to someone else!

Happy giving 🙂