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  1. Thank you for the like.
    We mix e reading with books. We live on a 34 foot sailboat and space for us is a real premium. Please remember that how you read is not so important as reading. So many today do not read or read very little.
    One thing I would suggest is going to a used book store. Many of them can provide more books at less cost. One other note is the smell of an “old book” is awesome. We love to visit old book stores and look through so many books.
    Good luck on your blog!

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  2. I am writing to ask that you please consider featuring a charity anthology to raise money for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, (a registered charity which receives no government funding). A number of authors, including me have come together to produce the anthology which is free to download (but we hope those downloading will make a donation to Guide Dogs thereby enhancing the independence of visually impaired guide dog owners).
    The page to donate can be found here, ( The anthology can be downloaded here, (

    Kind regards

    Kevin and fellow authors


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