11 thoughts on “DESIGNERS NEEDED!

      1. I love it, but is their any chance to small it down so I can fit the whole thing onto profile picture; twitter and instagram on let you select 3 quarters. And a few more people are designing some; so ill let you know if I choose yours!


  1. I could give it a try but I need to know a few things. Do you need it to be plaufull or serious? The image you already have is more serious but I am more into playfull. I guess I can try both styles and you can choose one of them if you like them and of course if someone else more talented than me won’t help you.

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  2. I would check out fiverr.com. I have used that site before so various logo design needs for work and have been really pleased. There are a lot of professional designers on there who can create whatever you would like for around $5. Hope that helps! 🙂

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